self portrait series.

lighting try outs

bacon homage

black cyberpunk

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trashy nights

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shooting with Claudia Griffiths

MUA- Agata sosnowska

cosmic dust

the run of fire, la Merçe 2013

Barcelona, 9.13

photo: Marcelina Mace

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rebel beauty

model: Camila 

photo: Marcelina Mace

Barcelona, Forum, 9.13

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brak the system, out stand !

model: Camila 

photo: Marcelina Mace
arcelona, Forum 9.13

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mountain shoot

taken from Les Lloses-Catalunya, 9.13

photo: Marcelina Mace

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party stories, dead people, night life

couple shoots made in the summer months in Barcelona. On one of the photos action to rescue a man just about to die during Sant Juan parties. 

Barcelona, summer 2013

photo:Marcelina Mace

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my world

Barcelona, 7-8.13

photo:Marcelina Mace

immigrant children playing on a plaza in my district

kodak tmax400 with nikon F75

Barcelona, 7.13

photo: Marcelina Mace

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cage life

nikon F75 on Ilford PAN400

Warsaw, 5.13

photo:Marcelina Mace